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Reasons For High Divorce Rate In Nigeria Exposed 2

Divorce And Marriage

Reasons For High Divorce Rate In Nigeria Exposed 2

admin September 12, 2017

Ever since the economy stopped favouring men, our wives have practically become the breadwinners in our homes, and you know what happens when a woman takes over the sitting room instead of the kitchen. Even your children will join in this bad treatment being meted out to their father when they realize it is mum that disburses the family fortune and resources. Not that there are no hard-working women out there, but remember, I’m talking about broken homes and what robbed them of the once prevailing peace.

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Secondly, men have become lazy nowadays having been intimidated by the financial forces out there. As a man has little to benefit playing the field as a gigolo, his wife who has a lot to offer the lecherous men out there has adopted the ill-wisdom in the mantra: “using what she has to get what she wants.” And you know that when a woman adopts such outlook on life’s perfidious challenges, it is a war-to-finish with her husband. If the man doesn’t take care, he stands to lose his life, therefore, he opts to keep his life and lose his marriage. I wouldn’t blame him at all.

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