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Sequence Of Prayer That Makes Things Happen Positively For You

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Sequence Of Prayer That Makes Things Happen Positively For You

admin September 22, 2017
It is not everyone that knows how to pray, and effectively so. In Matthew 6: 9-13, Our Saviour Jesus Christ taught us how best to pray. Also in Psalm 23, King David prayed according to this sequence I’m about to share with you.
The first of the prayer sequence is A. And A stands for Adoration. Good Lord! Nothing moves God to look your way and equally give answers to your requests like when He is worshiped and glorified in songs of praises. That is all He delight in and when you start with adoring Him by calling Him those gracious names and titles we know Him by, He stops to glory in the praise coming from you. What do you think happens to the man that delights his king? The King blesses him with his heart’ desires. And same shall be your portion when you cause God to become happy.
The second sequence of prayer is found in letter C. C stands for Confession. We commit sin(s) like it is going out of fashion. Whatever sin of omission and commission you must have committed before seeking God’s face and attention must be confessed and forsaken if something positive will come out of your spiritual exercise in prayers to God.
Third on this sequence of prayer is T.T stands for Thanksgiving. How do you express your thanks to God? You may do that by clap-offering and financial offering. If you can afford it, go before God with a living thing. Its value needs not be over-emphasized. Those who appear before other gods with cows and goats know what they are doing, how much more God. He is the Head of Principality and Powers and delights in sacrifices and offerings.
Finally, we have S in our analogy of sequential prayers. S stands for Supplication. When you have given God all that He delights in, you can speak to your Father who knows all of your needs and heart’ desires. What is your body language like while you appear before the Lord of Lords? In genuine sense of humility, you’ll kneel before the Lord and tell it all to Him in prayer. He is not deaf or too difficult to please before He answers you. Just be patient and you will be met at your points of need one after the other until the blessed calls you blessed.
I wish you the best!

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