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Smile Ambassador: What Smiling Has Got To Do For You

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Smile Ambassador: What Smiling Has Got To Do For You

admin September 24, 2017

There is nothing like a smile beamed into your face like that of an innocent child whom you just met and the child falls in love with you.

Have you noticed the thrill that comes with receiving a smile from a child you never knew from the word go? It is shocking as much as it is re-assuring. It sets up a fire inside of you and eats you up even when the entire world is sitting on your shoulders.
I could remember the day I was simply downcast due to issues at place of work I couldn’t help understand. Not even my beloved friends on Facebook could take away the gloom cast all over me with their funny jokes and comments. When my comfortable office became haunting, I decided to step outside and get some fresh air. As soon as I had walked out into the street through the entrance gate of my place of livelihood, a child of four years left his mothers guiding hand and ran into me. I was both shocked and thrilled at the same time. Shocked because I wasn’t expecting such show of love from anyone more so, a child of four. Thrilled because such show of emotion was exactly what took away my gloom. When I looked up at the mother of my new-found friend, she beamed an encouraging smile my way and I gave the young man a befitting swing up into the air. He screamed hysterically in joy that I was forced to bring him down but he wouldn’t want me to stop. I obliged him even as his mother cautioned him to let ‘uncle’ have his ‘peace’
I couldn’t but smile and kept on smiling as I exchanged pleasantries with my new friend’s mother. She told me her son is not always like that. Hmmm! She maintained that I must have been a great friend of children to which I answered in the affirmative.
When I looked back at my new friends, the boy kept on waving at my departing figure and I waved back.
I learnt a lot from the child. It’s not a bad thing to smile even when you are down. No matter the situation in which you find yourself, always spare the world a smile.
Have I told you yet?
I am now seeing myself as Nigeria’s first Smile Ambassador!
Why not join me!

Addendum: On this blog, we have motivational stuff to stuff you up with happiness. You’ll never know frustrations anymore. You learn to believe more in yourself and you peak to greater heights. You doubt me? Keep a date with this blog and I’ll help you realize your full potential. Thanks for coming here today.

Aj’s Note: The above article is first published on my former blog on 22-09-2009. I pray it helps you out of your moodiness today!

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