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TESTIMONY: This Best Defines The Term MIRACLE


TESTIMONY: This Best Defines The Term MIRACLE

admin September 22, 2017
How do you describe the scenario whereby you woke up in the morning and after going through your morning chores and ablutions, you went downstairs to turn on the engine of your newly purchased second-hand car and it wouldn’t come up even after nine tries?
Then you muttered a prayer under your breath as you would end up late to work if you lose more minutes. The answer to your muttered prayer came in form of an instruction to come down and take a look under your car. Being a woman, what would you likely see underneath your car on the ground where you parked it last night? But you adhered to this greater instruction from the SILENT voice and alighted. When you bent low and took a look underneath your car, what did you see?
A child of a year and half playing mindlessly under your right tyre’ wheel. You stifled out, “Jesus!” That is your neighbour’s baby! What could’ve brought him underneath your car in the first place? Jesus!
You feigned calmness and quietly picked up this baby and took him to his mother. The mother couldn’t hide her relief as she has been looking for her baby for over five minutes. She was looking exasperated. How did this child walk down from the first floor flat where his family lives?
Your joy knew no bounds as you kept allowing the mental picture of what it would’ve been like if the worst had happened. In your preoccupation, you didn’t realize that on turning the key in the steering again, the engine came up. You then started praising Jehovah Over-do, the I AM THAT I AM! Your all-in-all situation.
There is none like HIM!
Aj’s Note: Been having goose bumps all over my body while typing this powerful testimony shared by a working-class lady in my Church. God is wonderful!

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