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There’s Honey And Bee In Every Human Being – Which One Is In You?

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There’s Honey And Bee In Every Human Being – Which One Is In You?

admin September 27, 2017
For me, I see the good – honey – in my fellow human beings first before the sting of the bee in them reveals itself. People have been taught to betray good first impression with one another, but to some people, believing such a principle is at their nemesis and risks.
Everyone deserves a chance in life. Judas Iscariot was given the chance to have his destiny rewritten but he made a dumb decision. Instead of letting the honey in him to manifest, he chose to sting Jesus Christ his master with a disappointing display of betrayal. 
What I’m opining is that no one deserves to be written off until they seal their own fate by themselves. As a good person, always work towards bringing out the best in people and not the worst in them. As it has been said that one good turn deserves another, walk by such philosophy, keep on doing good and not expecting much in return as only God is a genuine and knows how to reward us over our deeds. Be they good or bad, we stand to be rewarded.
It is better to be rewarded by God than by human though God uses human beings to reward us accordingly. That is why it is imperative you seek out the honey in fellow human beings than the bee and its sting in others.
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