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What The Virtue Of Humility Offers You In Life


What The Virtue Of Humility Offers You In Life

admin September 27, 2017
Humility is the major virtue that earns you a place in God’s heart. God despises the proud. He resists them and whatever they offer Him, but to the humble, He opens the door of His heart to.
You might be asking how I came about this conclusion. I have seen how fast I achieve my heart’s desire(s) whenever I clothed myself with this virtue of humility.
Do away with arrogance and pride. It doesn’t look good on you at all! Once you are humble, you’ll become curse-less. Trust me! It worked for King David in the Bible. You remember when he disrobed himself of his kingly robes and danced to the glory of God. We are to live to the glory of God. This show of humility in David made God cal him a man after His heart.
On the other hand, this virtue of humility imbues us with protection from powerful enemies. Or what do you think made God say something in favour of widows and orphans? They are almost helpless, but not helpless when they have God who fights in all their battles to see them out of all their issues of life. When you take a look at what went down between Mordecai and Haman, you will see that humility pays and offers one what I call, “jump and pass”. That is protection in another wearing another tag.

Humility pays my dear! It pays big time!


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