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What To Do When Your Husband Is A Pain

Divorce And Marriage

What To Do When Your Husband Is A Pain

admin September 12, 2017

The fashionable thing nowadays for most women in a state of dilemma over their husbands’ malfeasance is to divorce them and get their entitlements, but there is something you’ll do to correct your husband.
It pains me any time I get to hear that this or that couple has called it quits to the marital vows. Some of these marriages lasted for as long as three decades while some lasted for as long as three months.
Our level of tolerance nowadays bothers on so much selfishness. No one, man and woman are interested in tolerating the other of his/her misgivings in today’s marriage. Everyone is in a hurry to have things going their way. No one considers the children entrapped in such homes where a wife is in a hurry to divorce her husband. The children are bound to suffer untold psychological hardships but a mind has been made up to take a walk on a marriage of few years.
So your husband is a serial philanderer? That is simply very bad and should leave an awful taste in the mouth of every loving and dotting wife. Once a woman loves her husband, she believes that her man would not go out of his way to look for conjugal comfort from other women. She has forgotten that from the word go, a man is nothing but a sexual animal that gets easily carried away by visuals and likes to conquer his environment. Mind you, this is not an excuse for a philanderer.
I’m only trying to help you make allowances for such ugly things whenever they raise their ugly heads in your marriage. Once you have it behind the back of your mind that your husband has the capability to launch an adulterous attack on your heart and marriage, it will help you have the stability to withstand the shock and protect your marriage.
Simply learn to desist from shopping for gossip about your husband that way; you are bound to continue to be in control of your marriage.
Another thing you must learn to do if you are not spiritual is the art of praying. In your prayers, ask God to help you with the heart that forgives and also fast for the sake of your marriage so that your marriage will be saved. There is no gain in bearing malice. Having it at the back of your mind that this man’s sin is unforgivable is asking for health-related problems and bitterness and the eventual break in communication which leads to collapse of the marriage.


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