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What You’ll Find Where Men Are The Cause Of Marital Upheavals At Home

Divorce And Marriage

What You’ll Find Where Men Are The Cause Of Marital Upheavals At Home

admin September 7, 2017

First Is;
Boy-mentality In A Man:
The first give out sign that all is not well at the home front is when the man and here, the husband, has refused to grow up. His actions and choice of words portray his insistence on his vow to remain a BOY. His dress sense is that of an unengaged rooster. A popinjay! Not many a wives would tolerate such. Though it has been said that for wives to live in peace with their husbands that they should see them as overgrown boys, there is a difference between a man who dabbles into boyhood way of life he is supposed to have dropped before signing the dotted lines from a man who handles his challenges and meets up to his responsibilities and not dump them on his wife.
Every man is expected to have dabbled with activities precluding fornication (if it is possible) when the time is allowed them to sow their wild oats and not continue on such a beat when they are married. Adultery is a no-no to many women, and I know that philandering men wouldn’t want their daughters who they dot on to be given such treat. On this note, adultery sucks and no party finds it palatable when they are at the receiving end.
Are you a man and you have this odd and disgusting desire to put your hand on your wife whenever she acts the woman in her? Hey brother, there’s a lot to help you walk through the Splitsville Valley and such an experience costs you alimony and the love of your children! Divorce has been made to look like it’s a walk through the garden today, but it is a mirage and costs one a lot of headaches that can result to high blood pressure. You may say that all good things come to an end, but please in your best interest allow natural order of life bring your marriage to an end and not give room to the pains divorce process bring to the table.
Keeping Late Hours:
You keep late night with the boys? You still want to be the BOY and not the man and HUSBAND you signed on your wedding day. Many families have lost dear ones simply because the man was not at home when he was to drive an indisposed member to the hospital. Women hardly forgive such behavior and you’ll definitely get it coming when you least expect it from them. It is a mental torture you started in their lives and very unpardonable. They will always serve you such a dish as a reminder of how irresponsible your actions cost the family. Believe me brother, even if you are as cool as cucumber or fiery hot-headed, you’ll surely feel the pain all over you.
Lack Of Communication:
In this age of fast telecommunication and means, no marriage should be allowed to suffer as a result of poor communication skills or lack of it. I purposely got things mixed up here. As a man, you should always share with your wife your whereabouts. Nothing thrills women as knowing what their husbands are up to and where they are at any particular given time.
On the other hand, there must be openness with personal pains and fears as the marriage grows. Don’t hide what your wife has the right to be aware of. It breeds bitterness in the heart of your wife and sooner than later, you two would become strange bedfellows. Coldness in marriage is capable of killing any of you. Do well to avoid anything that can lead up to such trait in your wife.
Aj’s Note: Women, don’t rest easy now, yours is next! Lol!

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