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What You’ll Find Where Women Are The Cause Of Marital Upheavals At Home

Divorce And Marriage

What You’ll Find Where Women Are The Cause Of Marital Upheavals At Home

admin September 27, 2017
Naturally, women are the best thing to have happened to Man from creation. But not few men would agree with me today on such an assertion. Why is it like that?
Women who for the benefit of this article will be called wives have lost their initiative in a marital setting. There are certain character attributes men find in women that scare them away from their wives hence the need for them to have that Solomon’ rain check on their wives. Men nowadays keep strings of side chics as a means of avenging their wives numerous misgivings. That’s not good as it does not give room for genuine reconciliation among couples of the grey areas of their marriage. Anything that encourages adultery across the divide is not in accordance with the mind of God for marriage.
What are these factors that men see in their wives that give them a shake?
Firstly, no man encourages or supports or prays for a wife that is not submissive. This is biblical. A look at Ephesians 5: 22 hit the nail on the head on this issue. This generation’s breed of women has decided to overlook this important charge as a result of ignorantly interpreting the meaning of feminism. This has led to high number of unmarried women of marriage age. Not that getting married is a prerequisite for making heaven, but the high number of divorce cases and impact on the lives of children caught up in the middle of such marital milieu and war-zone is enough to calm us down to do the needful. Whenever a woman wants to play the Man when the Man is still alive, perhaps, as a result of being financially incapable, a lot of ructions move underneath the bridge of such a home and marriage. For you as a wife to play the Man, your husband must be in support of such arrangement for peace to reign in your home and your health what it ought to be.
Secondly, whenever a woman is frigid, the husband if he is not disciplined has been given the carteblanche to walk Adultery Boulevard with impunity. Have you bothered to ask yourself what he’s likely coming home with on a day you feel like giving it to him? Germs and all kinds of STDs, and I know about a couple such frigidity on the part of the wife led to their hurried departure from a smeared marriage.
When a woman is such that nothing about the husband impresses her, she’s simply possessed of a demon that hates the marital institution. A woman is advised to pray more fervently than the man when a suitor is on the door, because her life depends on it except in situation she prays she dies before her husband. It is the place of a wife to use tender love and care to ensure her husband remains her husband and not some hood rooster.
If as a wife you do not know how to prepare quality and tasty dishes, you are likely going to push your husband outside. A lot of traps are out there to make sure you know no peace at home.
Lastly, it has become fashionable for wives to physically abuse their husbands knowing that it is difficult for the law agents to believe such. Most men would rather die than have their ego bruised by going to the police to report such abuse. Once as a wife you put your hand on your husband, that man would never come to accept you as his helpmeet until you do the needful which is apologizing to him and praying yourself out of such unhealthy attribute.

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