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Why People Envy You To The Point Of Willing Yourself To Hate Back

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Why People Envy You To The Point Of Willing Yourself To Hate Back

admin September 20, 2017
I’ll drive home the point. From the word get-go, envy has been propelling this earth into more shocking and wicked acts. This emotion is so tasking that if one has no presence of God in them, they would commit murder, arrange for a loved one to be kidnapped and many more and still, this possessed human being wouldn’t know what has been powering him to carry out such evil. It is most of the times, envy. Very poisonous emotion envy is.
People envy you when they see or find in you what they want for themselves. They would begin to covet what you have and when it keeps eluding them, frustration sets in. when frustration has captured their psyche, Satan comes in with his avalanche of horrible suggestions on how to achieve what you think in their mind is causing you to be this arrogant to such a possessed mind. You are only but confident, but to this set of people, you are arrogant. It is envy that beclouds their sense of judgement, hence their poor judgement of your character.
Satan would continue to minister to them until they are completely overtaken by a rage that pushes them into committing the kind of crimes we read of in the dailies and on online news portals.
Now, how do you detect such characters around you? Through prayers and/or if you are gifted with discerning spirit, one can shut out such evil eyes from seeing you and the grace of God that is working in your life. God’s glory will envelope you that whenever they look at you to envy you in that murderous rage of attention, they wouldn’t be seeing you again, but God who sent you into this earth. The power of prayer can’t be over-emphasized. Pray without ceasing and pray about everything as God answers all of our prayers.

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