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Why You Need To Take A Chill Pill On Another’ Issue Of Life

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Why You Need To Take A Chill Pill On Another’ Issue Of Life

admin September 27, 2017
There is a limit to this thing in all of us known as the ability to criticize another person. To another person, it may mean passing judgement on another. We all eagerly enjoy casting aspersion on someone over their deeds which shouldn’t be our concern in the first place. Because it is kind of innate in us to dabble into other person’s issues, Jesus Christ took pain to teach us in Matthew 7: 1-5, to desist from such display of sinfulness. He calls our action hypocritical.
Instead of judging people’ actions and inactions when you are not God who reserves the sole right to judge, it is expected of you to pray in support of such a person so he will do away from his life such character you find offensive. Besides, what you found offensive might be sauce to this person you have passed judgment on.
On the other hand, when you judge another, you have armed your enemies some yardstick to judge you on the day you err. In other words, what you judge another with becomes your portion.
Praying for one another is the only responsibility we owe each other which shows true love. Love conquers a multitude of sins you’ll try to remember. When you love this way, there will be no wrong in any of us.

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