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Do Not Be Afraid, Your Destiny Is In Your Hands


Do Not Be Afraid, Your Destiny Is In Your Hands

admin October 25, 2017
In this life, a lot of troubling events come our ways and what we do is end up afraid of what becomes our destiny. People leave us when they see that there seems to be no help coming our way, but joy comes in the morning after the puerile threat of the darkness of the previous night. This is instructive considering the fact that you have the understanding of who handles your destiny. It is you! You are the owner of what becomes of you in this life. Child of God, I want you to know that God has given you the prerogative right on this one. What do you want out of this life? Do you prefer you are spoon-fed or continue to wait on the day of fantasy to have sunshine break out on your life’s horizon?
Even when you truly need the help of others, don’t just sit down and wait for them to take action for you, just keep busy and before you know it, you have achieved your goal(s) in life.
If there is anybody you have to depend on, that will be God. He will be your inspiration until you break forth and end up the success you have worked hard to be.
Read Judges 12: 2-3 and Psalm 62.
Then you do not have to be afraid of anyone scuttling your destiny. God has not given anyone such power over you. You alone have the power to stop yourself. Match forward for you are unstoppable!

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