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Of Impoverishing Security Votes And High Profile Crimes In Nigeria – Protection Is Of The Lord

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Of Impoverishing Security Votes And High Profile Crimes In Nigeria – Protection Is Of The Lord

admin October 20, 2017
Just the other day, Evans the billionaire kidnapper is sent down to Lagos Court to answer for his misdeeds in the corridors of high profile kidnap of powerful fellow Nigerians.
This brought my mind to dwell on what virtually every Nigerian state governor collect as SECURITY VOTE on monthly basis. This huge drain pipe on every state’s commonwealth is said to be used by the governors to see to their own protection. Some use a paltry part of this huge security vote to provide security apparatuses for the corrupt police to checkmate crime in a society with a yearning loophole of commitment from the peoples – both the police and the elected officers of the states – entrusted with the security of the people and their property.
Why are we so blessed in doing the things that get us go backwards instead of forward? We resort to prayers when as the leaders we are yet to do the needful where security issues are of utmost concern to us. You pray only when you have nailed corruption as is evident in the use of this drain-pipe called security vote, and must have done the needful, you’ll then hand the rest about the security of the land into God’s hands. That’s what prayer is for. Prayer is when you must have done something that is morally right as a leader and commit your effort into God’s capable hands so as to safeguard you and your people from all harm.
The horses prepare for the days of the war, but safety is of the Lord as protection comes from the Lord. Even in your own secured environment, the good Lord can decide your fate and end at any given time.
“Now I know that the Lord gives victory to his chosen king; he answers him from his holy heaven and by his power gives him great victories. Some trust in their war chariots and others in their horses, but we trust in the power of the Lord our God.” Psalm 20: 6-7.
Think leaders, think!

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