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Powerful Prayer For Our Homes/Marriages Today

Divorce And Marriage

Powerful Prayer For Our Homes/Marriages Today

admin October 10, 2017

In a world where marriages are crashing all around us, we have been instructed to be as wise as serpent in our dove-like gentleness and also to do all we can to live in peace with all.
Satan has taken a look at the smallest unit of our existence/community which is the family and made up his mind to do everything within his powers to throw a lot of people into pain. Both the adults and the children caught up in the haze of the brickbat of homes in disarray and turmoil – they are all in pain despite the pretenses. Such children found in broken homes grow into bitter people who wouldn’t appreciate the need to do all within their powers as ordained by God to keep the peace of their homes. Any little pressure from Satan using any of the partner triggers off divorce proceedings. That is not the will of God, and therefore, we have to do something about the high rate of divorce all over the world.
And because of this, we have this prayer for every home/marriage sitting on the precipice of dissolution.
Repeat after me:
Oh Lord! May it please you in the name of your Son Jesus Christ to battle to submission every contrary spirit working tirelessly against my marriage! May such spirit as that of lack of understanding, anger, physical abuse, verbal abuse, uncaring spirit, cold love and more remain destroyed and committed to hell fire in the mighty name of Jesus Christ I have prayed. I don’t want to carry these burdens in my marriage again. I don’t want to tolerate my partner in this marriage when it is your will that I celebrate my partner in this gift of marriage with my loved ones, therefore, I most humbly commit these ugly spirits working against the peace of my marriage and my joy into your capable hands in Jesus’ name. Amen!
Thank you Almighty Father for answered prayers! Amen!

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