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Question And Answer Session On Witchcraft


Question And Answer Session On Witchcraft

admin October 7, 2017
Dear Aj,
How do you react as a Christian to a mother in-law whose nocturnal/witch-crafting activity prevented you from bearing a child for fifteen years?
It is a thing of joy that God has answered you after fifteen years with tiny patter of feet in your own home. What better reaction to such human wickedness than to continue to confess that Jesus is Lord to any other person in your former situation. Move around and share your testimony that with one’s faith in God, that s/he can move mountain.
But if your mind ever dwelled on revenge, I’ll urge you and pray with you to rebuke the Satan to get behind you as the good Lord has assured us of avenging on our behalf as He alone is Specialist in that field. Continue to speak love to this wicked mother in-law so that the god Lord will forgive her of her sins. Forgiveness if truly put into practice is the best form of revenge!


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