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Question And Answer Session: My Husband Is Out To Kill Me Aj

Divorce And Marriage

Question And Answer Session: My Husband Is Out To Kill Me Aj

admin October 20, 2017
My husband has no regard for my peace of mind, not to talk of my place as his wife seeing how he has reduced me to the butt of our neighbourhood’ idle gossips’ cruel mockery being flung my way on daily basis. My poor heart palpitates whenever I have to walk our street. The mouth-pouting and nose-thumbing gets to me easily.
I have really suffered in my husband’s hands. How do I begin to share this to the world through your platform! I must confess that I have been reading the few questions already sent your way and felt you will proffer good solution to my issue in my marriage as this has got me to my neck region.
Aj, my husband is the reason I have no house-girl anymore. He always insisted we hire grown girls and in my naivety, I had played into his philandering and manipulative mindset. The first two girls left after I had caught them in uncompromising situations while the last one left after he put her in a family way. Now, he has taken his trade to our street here in Lagos. Three parents have had to come to our flat to warn me to tie my husband to a leash.
Aj, kindly help me as he has beaten me twice whenever I tried to save myself from another infection. I don’t want to die young. If it is a spiritual problem, please do help pray my husband out of it as he is walking this road to perdition.
Your husband is actually walking a dangerous road to destruction, but not a road to perdition as God is not interested in the death of a sinner but to have him change from his evil ways. It is very bad he is putting you and the children in harm’s way, but there is nothing difficult for God to do. I’ll join you in prayer to see that God visits His spirit of change for good on your husband so that he will forget his philandering ways once and for all. And remember, the prayer of a dotting wife avails much to God. Your prayer is strongly advised for your husband.
Let there be a change in the life of your husband to the glory of God from today onward in Jesus’ name. Amen!


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