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The True Meaning Of The Word – Life


The True Meaning Of The Word – Life

admin October 17, 2017
Life means living in the fullness of endurance.
Why would endurance crop up as a virtue that you must fulfill in life to have this life in abundance? Endurance is same word with patience. This virtue is out to implore you to have faith in God as no prayer said to God remains unanswered. God answers all and every prayer brought before His throne of mercy and grace, and therefore, when you bring any matter before Him in prayer, go home rejoicing because in His time, He will answer you like He did Hannah a favour, like He answered the Shunammite woman through Prophet Elisha.
Practicing this great virtue of endurance gives you the kind of confidence that moves your faith many notches higher and sees you having the grace to have your prayers answered in time activated.
Read Revelation 3: 10; Titus 2: 2; James 5: 11.
May the peace of God which passes all human understanding fall upon you with the gift of endurance. Amen!

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