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What Could Be The Reason Our Young Adults Are Dying Like Flies These Days? (A Must Read)

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What Could Be The Reason Our Young Adults Are Dying Like Flies These Days? (A Must Read)

admin October 30, 2017
This is not an attempt at self-righteousness or playing God. Far from it!Ant this is not a rhetorical question either.
If you’ll bother with a little investigative and cursory look through my social media presence on Facebook especially, you’ll find out that I have strong presence there. This particular platform I joined since 2008 has afforded me the opportunity of meeting virtual friends – some became real friends eventually – whose number swing from between five thousand and four thousand and five hundred positive-minded individuals inclusive of old friends and relations from time to time.
Consequent upon my young heartedness and aura of humility, I send out friend requests and accept same from across diverse age brackets. Two years ago, when I started working with young people in my home church, I decided I give young people a chance to learn from me and vice versa. And I must tell you that I have learnt so much from these young adults. They impress me with this natural savvy that borders on irreverence and a devil-may-care approach to fun-lovingness. Their energies are repressive, making people of my age feel like we are too old already.  And that is also where they lost me entirely. The fact that men and women of my generation were once young and had this delightful thing called restraint does not mean these young adults of two generations behind us shouldn’t have life their way. But this audacity is implanted in these young adults whose parents suffered a breakdown as a result of the enormous pressure the stupid economy has brought on all of us and decided they deserve to live their lives too and therefore leaving these generation’s young adults in the hands of television, house helps and handsets. Parental control went south and refused to rise again like the sun rises from the East. Child-upbringing became anything goes between male house helps and our daughters and female house helps and our sons and much more mix and remix of the entire sexuality stuff with same-sex coming into the picture. Not to talk of demon-possessed house helps who left their hell-holes for our homes to rage and turn them into hell on earth for us all. Sad!
This automatically gave rise to our young adults acting more adult and all-knowing than we would ever dream we could be. When we got tired of arguing with them on what is morally wrong from right, we went for a breather by buying gifts they didn’t deserve simply because these young adults have acquired and perfected every to-do skill in blackmailing us with slaps across our higher moral ground by telling us how we have chased after their girlfriends and boyfriends. Now, parents in this generation have lost the locus standi to clear their throats when they are home and have their children disappear from the sitting room while some raunchy scene is screening on our television. Too sad!
I remember the back-hand slap from my father that taught me to run away from the teevee in those early days of Mexican Soaps of late 80’s and early 90’s when you hear his car roaring into his park after I must have hidden every trace of my disturbance to his dear television. Laugh out loud!I still remember The Rich Also Crythat discusses love, its heartaches and associated pains.  
Well, because no one wants to be seen as an uncool parent by their young adult children, moral codes of yesteryears that worked for other generations have been decoded to mean a lot of pretenses by us and have these supposed moral codes thrashed to beat a retreat to the gutters by these young adults. Nobody cares again. Our young adults have seen through the façade of our pretended moral higher ground. But it is now working against them because there is no restraint around them again.
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But God cares so much for all of us irrespective of the amount of dirt that sinfulness has gathered on any of us. This is true when you read meaning into God betraying compassion, mercy and grace on whosoever He reserves the prerogative to expend them on. But how come these young adults are beginning to drop dead like deaf and blind flies? But young adults have been dying before biko? Yes, but not at this rate. It is both suspicious and heart-wrenching for me from where I’m looking at this entire new scenario.
The other day on an online news portal, a girl of 16 was caught by the police after she was raped serially by all the male members of a cult group that converged from university schools in the East in Lagos for their initiation passage into a world of supposed affluence. This is someone’s first daughter and a school dropout of indigent background. Lord have mercy! She got tired of being poor and had a chat with a female friend who lured her down to Lagos from Abuja where she was hibernating until shego blow. The pressure and struggle is real simply because social media happened and characters like Hushpuppi and Bobrisky are now more acceptable than Christ in the lives of these young adults. It’s a life of bling-bling and fast cars, money and women. Poverty is it! But that’s not an excuse.
Do you know that these young adults dabble into all kinds of adult-world-solely-reserved immoral living?(if I should put it that way) That your young innocent-looking undergraduate daughter is now a prawn in the hands of all kinds of evil sugar daddies in lands far from home and school. Your soft-looking androgynous son is now hanging out with people his mother’s age mates in hotel rooms in Abuja and Owerri when his school is actually in Akwa Ibom and Ekiti.
Is it about what young university undergraduates do with married women! Committing adultery with the wife of a man that is bedridden and in a vegetable state is some life issue you must run away fiam from. It ruins your destiny and destroys you when God’s grace is shut to you.
When they take ill as a result of their audacious dalliance in a world of adult proclivities, they come home to have you the parent bear the cost of such illnesses. And when the doctor couldn’t do a thing to save them, our social media spaces would be taken over by the obituary announcements of people so young and so cute and so dear to all of us even when we can’t say we know them.
It hurts so much. I have shed so many tears this year alone. When a dancer friend of mine died without a cause –seemingly – I knew that something has to give. This is my attempt to caution our younger ones to take life easy. That which you are in pursuit of will become obsolete when tomorrow dawns. At least that is what our parents taught us in our own time and we have seen that it is the truth. There was a time Volkswagen Santana was the real deal, but today, I can’t say I have sighted it in my village of recent. Someone murdered his cousin because of the lucre as found in the 1990 Nissan Pathfinder Jeep, but today, you’ll count yourself unlucky having to grace such an ugly sight.
Everything we met here on earth should not have us lose our sheen but have them used to edify our souls instead while we prepare to meet our Lord who made us in His image out of His love whenever His likeness in us is taken.
Whatever you need in this life as a young adult will be received from Jesus Christ alone. Jesus Christ is still the answer for the world today, above Him there’s no other, and He is the Way, the truth and life. Don’t make God feel cheated for creating you when you embrace Satan who didn’t contribute in your making as God’s grace could be withdrawn from you. No young adult has to die before his time. No! It is not God’s will. Hug the virtue of patience and know that life is living in the fullness of endurance and a day shall come when your stewardship becomes rewarded by Almighty God.

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  1. Kind Godwin November 15, 2017

    I am so touched and frightened as well. This is indeed a revelation and warning to we the youths of this generation. Many of us went faster than our creator and has paid dearly with their lives untimely (Destinies Unfulfilled). I encourage us the living whom by His unmerited grace and mercies, we live to see a day like this and privileged to read this educative and revealing piece of hard work from a fellow youth, to turn away from our evil ways of disobedience to God.

    Many of us engage in atrocities as a shortcut to gaining affluence. Brethren, the reward for evil is distruction. Only God who is rich in all giveth you wealth and addeth no sorrow. Adhere this day to this piece of revelation and make a retrace of your steps where it went wrong and pursue your dreams and aspirations with the fear of God, wisdom and patience that thy later end may be MIGHTY through Christ our Lord.




  2. ISSUES OF LIFE WITH AJ March 13, 2018

    You really said it as it is. Thanks dear brother for stopping by. may God bless the works of your pursuits in Jesus' name. Amen!


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