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Shocking! What My Mother In-law Did To Me

Divorce And Marriage

Shocking! What My Mother In-law Did To Me

admin October 7, 2017

…being barren is like living in the wild alone!
How do you begin to accept the disgusting reality that the ever-encouraging prayer partner you found in your mother in-law is actually the cause of your reproductive barriers of fifteen years?
Chai! People can be very wicked Aj! I’m still at shock and loss of words to decipher what I did to a woman I accepted as my own biological mother having lost my biological mother, that made her show me so much wickedness in return for my kindness.
When I came in new into her family – as my husband is her only surviving child after six pregnancies of which four were stillbirth – I convinced my husband to allow me have mama to live with us in the city so that we would take good care of her. I was already three months pregnant when we went to the village to bring mama over to stay with us. That pregnancy suffered a miscarriage two months after mama had joined us. My husband and I were devastated, but we kept on believing God. Mama started taking me from one prayer house to another.
My husband remained supportive until he lost interest in me becoming pregnant again. He wouldn’t join me in such visits to men and women of God for prayer for me to conceive and bear him children. And this was after fourteen years. I was already 37 as I got married at the age of 22. My biological clock was ticking in time-bomb fashion. Though no one was mounting pressure on my husband to marry another wife, but the pressure of having this beautiful family’ lineage shut down in my own time was enormous on me.
I kept on praying all by myself and believing God for the fulfillment of His word that none shall be barren in the land. Then, it happened that I was on my way to the office one morning in a bus and an evangelism flyer got to me from someone behind me. I accepted it absentminded. One look at it secured my total attention. It was a Crusade for barren women. Tears stung my eyes immediately and I tried hard to bite down my lower lip as I wouldn’t want anybody to say the word ‘sorry’ to me that morning. I made up my mind to attend this divine gathering immediately even though it would be hosted in a neighbouring state two hours away from my state.
Unfortunately for me, I mistook the date of this event. When I got to the venue, I was told to my shock that the event had come and gone. I felt betrayed by my own carelessness. As I was going back in tears, I came upon a poster of this same past event. A voice instructed me to rip it off the wall and take it home. I did absent-minded and without a second thought.
I pasted this poster at the back of our sitting room’ entrance door. A month later, I was sweeping the sitting room one Saturday morning when my mother in-law walked in on me and started screaming that I must tell her the people I have brought into our home to torment her.
That was strange to me and I reacted appropriately as I took it as words coming from a woman on the threshold of senility. It was when she raised her voice higher and gained the attention of my husband who walked in to read a different meaning into “the people I bring into his house whenever he wasn’t around”, that I understood that this was not a joke anymore. He insisted that if I wouldn’t divulge the names and identity of my home-defilers that I should prepare to leave his house when he comes back from work. That was when I raised my hands up to heaven and knelt down with the broom in my right hand and swore with the name of God that I have never committed adultery ever since we got married. As God would have it, the broom in my hand parted the curtain on the entrance door and while I was still praying with my eyes closed, this is what I overheard mama say:
“See the people she has been bringing into this house to flog me every night!”
I quickly opened my eyes to behold such apparition only to see that the good Lord has fought in my battle on my behalf. Mama was pointing at the picture of this Anglican priest who hosted the event I didn’t attend on the poster behind the back of my sitting room’ entrance door. The look of incredulity in the eyes of my husband said it all.
I jumped up and screamed, “Praise the Lord!”
That was when Mama collapsed on the floor and started confessing her evil lid cast upon my reproductive health. I felt like committing murder that morning, but for the grace of God. I cried like I never did and called on God to complete His glorious deed in the life of my marriage and home.
As it has pleased God, I conceived that same week and the scan has called me a mother of a set of twins.
Praise the name of our Great God!
Aj’ Note: I pray that the grace of God to decipher when God is speaking to you come upon you reading this great deed of the Lord so that your miracle will not pass you by. And besides, who can speak and have it happen if the Lord has not decreed it?

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