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What The Likeness Of God Is In All Of Us

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What The Likeness Of God Is In All Of Us

admin October 10, 2017
The world has been going through a lot of turmoil and wars because humanity has lost the knowledge of the likeness of God in all of us. The rulers of this earth have done their best to make us believe that the colour of our skin is the likeness of God and the determining factor in saying who takes what and when to take such. That is the handiwork of Satan.
Aside the fact that every human being has same colour of blood flowing in them, the widely circulated picture of Jesus Christ as a cute White man has erroneously deceived many people into believing that they are better than others simply because they got to know the Bible – the word of God –  before others. The colour of your skin does not mean God is of same race with you. If so, short people would insist God is short. Tall people too. Obese people would lay claim to God being obese. These will give rise to more confusion and wars.
From the foregoing, I want you reading me today to know that the only likeness of God in every human being irrespective of race and colour is the air that we breathe. It is the air that we breathe that is the likeness of God in us. This is so because when God wants to take away His likeness from us, He causes us to stop breathing and then we remain recalled. One is said to be dead when he/she stops from breathing.
Yes, the likeness of God in all of us is the AIR that we breathe.

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