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What To Do When Surrounded By The Vultures Of Life

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What To Do When Surrounded By The Vultures Of Life

admin October 7, 2017
Vultures by nature are carnivorous birds whose patience has no limit. They are known to wait out a kill until the real carnivores have torn open a kill and they come after the carcass.
These on the other hand are those human beings who feign friendship as a reason for coming closer to you so as to hear to what extent their wickedness has affected you. You, being ignorant of their devices, would open your mouth and confess to them in negative manner. They in turn would go back to continue to fan the embers of your painful situation.
The Word of God has taught us to be as gentle as dove but as cunning as a serpent, therefore, child of God, do not share your pains with any human being other than God in prayers. If there is need for you to unburden yourself to any human being, God will point you to the right direction or person of His interest.
This way, you keep moving your limbs or else you end up food to these vultures of life around you. Your prayers will be your movement of your limbs.  Child of God, do your best to keep your enemies hungry of cheap news that do not glorify God in your life.
My prayer today is that your enemies will not laugh over your misfortune, but by your prayerful actions and exercising of your explicit faith in God, your challenges will cease and you will have a cause to glorify God’s name alone. Amen!

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