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Why Marriage Is A Secret Cult

Divorce And Marriage

Why Marriage Is A Secret Cult

admin October 3, 2017
Fallacy or what?
Yes, marriage when you take a pause in your busy schedule and look at the practitioners of this divine-instituted union, you will find out that a lot of strange things are going on in the lives of the actors involved in this institution.
That is how marriage is supposed to be run. It is a franchise given to a man and a woman who came together to become one body by God.
Visitors to your home are not supposed to know that the couple just had a fight while they were at the door knocking. Subterfuge and theatrics! Trust me! They make marriage appear to be encapsulated in secrecy. A wife that has just been slapped will come out to a visitor to smile and pretend that all is well, and doing all within her theatrical powers to maneuver the visitor who must have overheard her cry from believing the worst. Tell me, what do you make of that?
A man that is a kidnapper is said to be praying with Psalm 23 by the wife who convinced all who cared to listen that her husband is a good man. This is a man who killed his kidnap victims, shot some and fleeced others of their hard-earned monies. Is he still a good man?
But that is marriage as a secret cult as opined of lately on social media. A man is capable of hiding the worst of his wife’s character from the world but would go home to quarrel with her over same bad character. A woman is said to have given her consent to the husband to abuse her house-help whom she picked up from the countryside simply because the husband’s high libido would likely send her to the great beyond after coming out of child delivery through caesarian operation. At the end of the day, the husband succeeded in putting this young girl in a family way.
When this same wife complained, by inviting a third party, the secrecy in their seemingly occult marriage was shattered. At the end of the day, the violated young girl gave birth to a baby boy and the husband went hand in cap to her people to have her as a wife. Whereas, the legally wedded wife has birthed four daughters and was subsequently sent packing by the husband’s relations.
Now you see that there is no secrecy in marriage as it scares people of marriage age away from such a good institution.

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