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Why You Dare Not Mock Anybody In This Life – Lesson Taught By My Mom

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Why You Dare Not Mock Anybody In This Life – Lesson Taught By My Mom

admin October 27, 2017
One thing about this life I have learnt is that the reward for mocking someone against God’s will for that person will definitely land you in big SHAME.
When I was much younger, there was an ugly woman with a hunch back in my community who scared the heck out of my young mind. Then one day while I was heading to somewhere on an errand for my mum, I ran into her on a narrow path. I died and begged the ground to swallow me. The shivering bout that captured my fearful body can’t still be expressed by me in any language known to me.
When she noticed my predicament, she laughed at me and walked on by. When I got home, I narrated my frightening experience to my mother. Worst of it is that this said woman turns into python to go lick people’ soup pots at night. I almost peed my pants that day. My mother heard me out first after which she taught me not to ever call someone ugly as I never created such a person. She went ahead to teach me that everyone is beautiful in their own right and equally beautiful before God their creator. I chose to accept her teaching, but knew in my young mind that the woman remains ugly. Today, I know that what my mother said many years ago is true.
As it is true about all of us, whenever you mock someone, you are actually mocking God who made such person and the circumstance that brought about your mockery and it is not going to end well for you if you didn’t apologize to the mocked and plead God’s forgiveness too.
Join me as we take a look at Judges Chapter 11. Jephthah is a son of a harlot and therefore born out of wedlock. His father was Gilead, yet his brothers from his father’s legally married wife sent him packing and wouldn’t permit he partake of their father’s inheritance. Fortunately for Jephthah, he is a mighty man with his ways around like-minded friends. When his brothers were throwing him away, they never knew that God was working on a script that would have them humiliated when they eventually came begging cap in hand for Jephthah to come to their rescue. Jephthah ended up becoming their king. Son of a strange woman ruled over those born well.
Peninnah mocked Hannah silly until Hannah went before God and ended up with the blessing named Samuel. There is no place the Bible made mention of Peninnah’s children even though they are many. Only Samuel, Hannah’s only son got such promotion.
From the foregoing, I want you to understand that you are walking the road to perdition when you open your mouth to mock a fellow human being. No condition is permanent in life for anybody, so do not conclude on anyone’s destiny as their destiny is not in your hands. Mocking someone brings about your own downfall.


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