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Why You Do Not Make The Mistake Of Spitting At Someone Above You

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Why You Do Not Make The Mistake Of Spitting At Someone Above You

admin October 3, 2017
Literally and/or figuratively, the above means same to me. It might mean differently to you.
Take a look at the scenario of trying hard to spit at someone on top of a platform higher than where you stand, your spit will come back to you and have you smeared. I can assure you that you will find the smell of your spit disgusting. On the other hand, when you battle with your superior, hardly will you win in such a battle except when it started as a fight your boss picked with you to show you his superiority. Such as sexual harassment in an office environment – women can relate well with this. Such intimidation has cost many a men their jobs, marriages and peace of mind.
Coming to the reason behind the title for this article, irrespective of the provocation, you are not expected to avenge for yourself. This is so, because once you do so, the spirit of God will depart from your corner. Life is like a boxing ring. As a professional boxer, you need every degree of support from the men and women on your side of the ring. Once, they leave you behind while you are still inside the ring dueling with your opponent, psychologically, you have lost so much that it becomes obvious you are strictly on your own. And when God is the one that departs from you, that means you have taken His place in your own life and have no further need for Him and His services.
Remember Abel, after Cain his brother had laid waste to his life due to the sin of envy, it is God that went after Cain with His punishment and vengeance and not Abel. Not that the fate of Abel would be yours, far from it, but the point I’m driving hard at is the fact that the only person deserving of fighting on your behalf in all the battles of this life is God. He alone has all that it takes to spit back at anybody who first spat at you. God is on a far-far higher pedestal than every being He created.
All you need to pray for whenever someone offends you is to be gifted with the spirit of patience so that you will wait out your oppressor and aggressor and by so doing, see your desires come to pass in the life of such a person.

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