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Why Your Prayers Are Delayed – With Practical Examples


Why Your Prayers Are Delayed – With Practical Examples

admin October 27, 2017
Prayer is divinely-ordained means through which we work out our faith in God. And for one to pray and receive answers to their prayers, I’ll like for you to believe in your heart that your requests and petitions have been given answers to.
On the other hand, I want you to know that all your prayers have always been answered. It is a poor thing that clogs our mindset to make us believe that God is no longer in the business of answering our prayers or is slack in such an all-important task as giving heed to our prayer requests.
God still answers prayers and that is what I want you to glean from this article even if other things refuse to make sense to you. But I pray you receive the unction from above to have this true knowledge that God answers prayers.
Now, coming to the reasons as found in you that cause your prayers from being answered on time, I have the following as revealed to me to be the causes:
1.       Lack of Endurance: life is said to be living in the fullness of endurance. When challenges come your way, do you behave like a fast-food Christian who needs instant answer to those challenges or you have the presence of mind to ask for the gift as found in the virtue of patience. It is this gift or virtue that will cause you to seek God’s mind as regards to the challenge you are facing. Your question becomes; “What is God’s mind regarding this challenge that I’m facing? How do I go about it so that in the end it will become a cause to give God all the glory in my life?” When you endure, you will triumph over your challenges.
2.       Spirit Of Disobedience: This rears its ugly head even in the lives of matured Christians when you begin to see yourself as god. You’ll begin to tell God what you want as His way of replying your petition tendered before Him. And when He does otherwise, you’ll take offense and face your challenge the way you preferred you are answered by God. When God sees such spirit in you, He will definitely delay His answer to your prayers to see if you’d have a new mindset and show Him His due respect as encapsulated in spirit of obedience.
3.       Indifference To Others’ Needs: You do not have to pray for your own needs alone. That’s statutorily selfish of you. Yes, God’s law says you shall love your neighbour as you love yourself. That is why it is imperative you pray for the peace of Jerusalem even when you are from the United States of America or Nigeria. Or have you not heard or read that Job prospered the more after he prayed for his friends who didn’t ask for his help in this area in the first place? Pray for others and God will know you have kept His law which according to Him supersedes other laws. Love your neighbour as you love yourself and in putting it into action, pray for your friends and neighbours as much as or more than you pray for yourself and see if God will not reward you the more.

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