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Do You Have It – Persecution Complex? Help Is Here For You

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Do You Have It – Persecution Complex? Help Is Here For You

admin November 13, 2017
Someone came to me with this kind of issue. And why has it become an issue? This friend shared with me that he suffers from persecution complex and it makes him feel the entire world is up in arms against him.
It is that exasperating feeling that everyone hates you and prays for your downfall. And all you do is wish and seek means to pay them back.
Even at home, once he walks in on his siblings and they suddenly quit talking, this sense of foreboding envelopes his psyche making him feel like they have been discussing him in bad light. At church too, whatever the preacher says gets to him, not for him to repent from such a life of sin, but the fact that either of his parents must have divulged his shortcoming(s) to his pastor who invariably directed the preacher to discuss him with so much accuracy so real about him to be a lie from where he sits.
This has affected his social life. He gets angry at happy people who have not even bothered with him, but because they are happy and he is wallowing in sadness, they have contributed to his pain because somehow, they are laughing at his worst nightmare which must have reached them through the ill-efforts of his siblings and their gossipy friends.
I’m not a psychologist, but I know that this kind of ailment exists and tortures people who this is resident in to no end. It is a thing of the mind. From my observations and interactions with people, this could be what pushes people into hugging oblivion and building an island all around them. Loners! They end up becoming anti-social. When they react against the demon sitting in on them, it is always catastrophic to humanity.
Now you’ll understand that this persecution complex is a big issue here. But I’ll not dare call it a medical problem, because that is not my field.
This is humbly asking you all out there to help a brother who needs a relief from this nightmarish pain that is constant with any known solution to help save the day. God bless you!
Nevertheless, if you have such a problem, I’ll advice you read up the story of Joseph in the Bible. Genesis 50: 18- 21 is instructive. It teaches forgiveness. Forgiveness brings about love and love is the greatest of all virtues to live this life with.
Aj’s Note: If our post pleased you, kindly share with friends and loved ones so they too will find comfort in the word of God. We will equally appreciate you drop your comment(s). Thanks and God bless you!

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