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Even When You Have It All, You Still Need This


Even When You Have It All, You Still Need This

admin November 14, 2017
God in His infinite wisdom has structured this world in such a way that no human created by Him can dare say s/he has it all.
It has never happened and we shall never see such a human being. What we all see today is the façade put on by the rich to make you believe the sun is rosier in her world. It is a thing of the mind and a kind of make-belief.
But for you to say you have it all without Jesus Christ in your life, you’ll definitely be made to realize that your life is empty without Christ. It is only God through the interventionist appeal and nature of Christ on our behalf can bless us with peace of mind which most rich people lack because they didn’t make their wealth through Him.
That can be argued, but when you have God in your life, you live through this life full of challenges with relative peace of mind. There is need for challenges in your life which when you defeat, you attain a greater level closer to God. Challenges work out your faith in God. I believe this rests whatever argument one has on peace of mind which is relative. Relative in the sense that while you walk through the valley of the shadow of death, fear will not grip you and force itself to keep you company because you know that He that is in you is greater than he that has thrown fear into your path to have you die in fear instead. But that is not the will of God for your life.
Once you have Christ as your Lord and personal savior, you enjoy the luxury of peace of mind. That’s it!
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