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Every Question Has An Answer – Why Is Sex So Cheap Today?

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Every Question Has An Answer – Why Is Sex So Cheap Today?

admin November 29, 2017
I remember the days of our lives when constructing an amazing letter for a girl that stirred butterflies in one’s stomach was part of the Plan A and Plan B to getting laid. Today, everything about getting laid is on one’s fingertips. What with the Porn sites with sex on the menu anytime you want it? And today, we have dating sites that allow you to lie about what you are and end up having cheap sex devoid of genuine emotions attached to the gift gifted us by God.
Sex is a human need, but today, it has become a craving that is insatiable. Despite the fact that the Nigerian economy is in tatters, people get down into sex like their lives depend on it – sex is now cheaper than condom as it has become the only pleasurable form of relaxation among all age brackets. The other thing that has become cheap is the STIs. Such STIs that have become incurable, no wonder our youth are dying young these days. Sex is to blame? No! Our visionless leaders share in this blame-game!
But the greatest loser here is real LOVE! That is why great sex does not translate to great marital success. Who has cheap sex helped!

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