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For The Love Of My Wife, I Slapped My Mother – Now I’m Finished

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For The Love Of My Wife, I Slapped My Mother – Now I’m Finished

admin November 22, 2017
I remember vividly my secondary school teacher whose sense of humour is legendary that remembering him now cracked me open.
Whenever we were having our examination and busy with answering questions, he would warn us to make sure we finish with the questions asked us and not end up finished by the questions asked us. This would always make him ask whosoever stood up to announce to him that he has finished with his examination thus;
“Are you sure you have finished or you are finished?”
This means that if you didn’t attempt all questions, you are finished, but when you do, then you have finished. I can’t help laugh out loud!
A newly married young man sent me a disturbing issue of life situation he landed himself in simply because he took one commandment of God to be superior to another. To him, what is found in Ephesians 5:25-31 is more important to what is in Exodus 20:12.
According to him, he had come back from a social gig and was drunk when his new wife welcomed him home with tears in her eyes. Without the benefit of the wise teaching as found in Proverbs 20: 1, he charged after his mother who had come visiting and landed her two slaps that reformatted the poor woman’s brain and she fell down in a heap. His wife was in greater shock over her husband’s action.
He walked into his room and jumped into bed and slept off. In the morning, what the snake swallowed in the night woke him up. His mother had called all her children living in Lagos to come see first-hand how badly her face is disfigured by slaps from a hefty man standing on 6.4.
That was when his siblings descended on both him and his new wife and added rainbow colours to their fair skin.
What actually happened was that mama had told her newest wife that she would not eat her ogbono soup as it doesn’t go well with her constitution and the heartbroken new wife who went out of her way to prepare such an exotic meal for her mother in-law started shedding tears. Now this young husband who couldn’t stand his wife’s tears took offense and without the benefit of commonsense, committed an abomination.
He is still afraid that having fallen short of the only God’s Commandment with benefit of long life that he would not live to see his children’ children.
Pray tell, what do you say to this young man?

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