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Help Me – I Masturbate Five Times A Day: A True Story

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Help Me – I Masturbate Five Times A Day: A True Story

admin November 17, 2017
Good lord! How someone could be masturbating five times in a day!
Please Aj., I’m in trouble. Serious one. What infatuation has led me into is out to destroy me. I fell in love with a new girl in my Senior Secondary Class 2. All my effort to make her my girlfriend ended up futile. She fell instead for one of the naughtiest guys in my class who has tasted every girl in our class. I never knew girls are this foolish!
This resulted to my frustration. Whenever I became horny, all I needed do was think about Angel, for that is her name, and before I know it, I would give in to self-love of self abuse. Within time, this became a habit as Angel wouldn’t simply quit tormenting my psyche. The day I knew I’m in great danger was the day we were writing our Third Term Examinations and because she sat near me and her hand mistakenly touched me, I became so hot I had to excuse myself from the Exam Hall for the convenience where I masturbated and came very heavily despite having done so while taking my bath in the morning.
Three days ago, I fainted in my room when I masturbated without food. Please how do I quit this harmful habit before it kills me? I’m only 18 years old. Thank you sir!
Any help friends? How can this brother be helped out of his predicament?



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