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Is Incompetence Among The 3 I’s?

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Is Incompetence Among The 3 I’s?

admin November 8, 2017
I was busy watching and enjoying my favorite TV Show when a Boss walked in on a hardworking employee who made a little mistake and used it as an opportunity to tongue-lash this man. She reeled out the three I’s which include the following:
1.       Intensity: This simply demands of us to add more fervor or enthusiasm to that which we have as a talent. As regards our jobs, we are to be creative on daily basis by seeking means to enhance our productivity.
2.       Integrity: Without certain degree of morality in what we do, people whom we need to become what we want to be in life will not find us honest. Honesty is said to be the driving force behind our successes. Even when you have succeeded in life, once you switch from honesty to sharp and dishonest practices, your failure has commenced and all thanks to your lack of wisdom.
3.       Intelligence: One’s ability to keep learning good things that will enhance him and the ability to unlearn what decreases his productivity is what intelligence brings. When you have a logical mindset that helps out in taking sound decisions that improve your general well-being and that of your talent which invariably makes you great fortune, you are said to have intelligence.
4.       Incompetence: Once you lack any of the above mentioned success nuggets, you have planned to fail as a result of your incompetence which simply means that you lack the ability and skill to do your job effectively. Why do you think people get FIRED from their jobs?
Now you know that Incompetence is also part of the 3 I’s. When you focus on the 3 I’s and lose sight of the fourth I, you will lack the push that keeps you going and walking the path of success.
I wish you the best!
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