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Libyan Slave Market – Do We Still Have The African Union Functional?

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Libyan Slave Market – Do We Still Have The African Union Functional?

admin November 29, 2017
With the shocking pictures of the atrocities assailing our sights on daily basis coming from the belly of a broken and failed state like Libya, one is challenged to dare ask what the African leaders are doing about this human tragedy that has removed a thousand and five hundred years from African civilization. Does this continent have leaders who have the needs of their people at heart? If they are still there as I’d accept to believe, what then is stopping them from releasing a memo on the human carnage that has landed on the African soil? And not just sensationalize the evil on-going on the African soil with press release; they have to back it up with effective action that is proactive and capable of delivering on expected results. What in God’s name do we need slavery for in this age and time? How can human beings being barbecued for food and fun smeared through wickedness is permitted to end up our way of life today? Too many questions begging for answers, but from who? A docile AU leadership that has gone taciturn over this evil and seems to be craning her eyes in all direction for no help when where help is supposed to be coming from is said to be complicit in this malady. Help comes when the needy does something about his predicament before outsiders bother to offer their help-for-pay aids. Everything is exploited by human for profit-making. Humanity is lost or is in tatters. Africa is almost helpless with leaders devoid of vision and balls, but not hopeless.
If it seems like there is nothing to be done about our situation today, in that case, do we knock off more thousands of years from our civilization and each pick up a cudgel and go after his own brother?
It’s a horrible dream we need to wake up from. Lord have mercy!

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