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People Are Easily Misled On Social Media And It Sucks

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People Are Easily Misled On Social Media And It Sucks

admin November 29, 2017
On a social media platform like Facebook, there are people who have earned for themselves the status of celebrity, and people dance to their outlook on whatever life issue that is trending without giving themselves the benefit of use of their God-given commonsense.
Not only social media celebrities, media organizations and bloggers lie shamefacedly and would hardly recant or apologize for such misleading top story that is riddled with lies.
But the audacity of the so-called social media celebrities is what irks and I have decided to let all who read me know that I do research my posts’ topics before putting them up here and would be ready to apologize when corrected over any given mistake. I’m here to make money too, but not at the expense of spreading malicious lies about anyone so I could generate more traffic to my blog click here
No! I don’t need such dubiousness here to make it in life, so-to-say! I’m already made!
Why am I sounding this personal today! A friend of mine was maligned because she authorized a blogger access to her Facebook post. The entire thing got twisted out of context so as to generate traffic. This has given rise to more blood-sucking tongues sprinkling curses on bloggers. It is not right for one finger to bring down the roof on all of us. I have been blogging since 2007 and has never used someone’s reputation to make money. Try and verify your source of news before dropping it on the unsuspecting and trusting public who can use anything to kill boredom.
I’m done being angry over this ill-behaviour of some of my friends. Thank you!

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