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Revealed! Poverty Is Not A Spiritual Problem


Revealed! Poverty Is Not A Spiritual Problem

admin November 21, 2017
Many a time I see people moving from one denomination (ministry) to another in search of their wealth that has refused to get into their hands like it is an affliction that can be prayed out. These people unfortunately are ignorant of the fact that poverty cannot be prayed out. The pastors you go to help you pray your life out of poverty end up exploiting an unfortunate and ignorant person to their advantage.
For you to break out and do away with the shackles of poverty, you need to be walking in the confines of God on giving. If you are not a giver, you can’t end up a receiver. It is when you give that your good deed is rewarded. You quit the club of poor people by giving to others even when you don’t have. The widow in the Bible gave her last and up till today, her action is still instructive.
Read: Proverbs 11:24-31; Luke 6:38; 2nd Corinthians 9:7-9

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