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Spirit Of Entitlement: The Fuel That Powers Our Ego

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Spirit Of Entitlement: The Fuel That Powers Our Ego

admin November 8, 2017

It takes the grace of God to live with people who do things around you and with you with high sense of entitlement. It sucks. It seeks to drag you down when you do not want to give in to such a disappointing demand from fellow human beings who lack humility.
Ageists have this mindset. Even one’s siblings thrive on this too. You r parents could be the first set of people to see such unnerving character trait in when you really understood how this spirit of entitlement make us all look bad.
The other week in Abuja an army officer of Captain rank hit someone’s car and instead of coming down to apologize to the old couple being chauffeur-driven, he came down to add insult to an injury with the annoying language we all know too well… “Do you know who I am?”
The old man is a retired general and a phone call from him landed the young Captain into all kinds of trouble.
When someone has a different view of an issue from yours, the next thing you’ll hear is,
“I’m older than you; therefore, I’m more knowledgeable than you are!”
What has one’s young age got to do with the vast knowledge of life issues he/she has amassed? If knowledge is everything, then ageists would be richer than younger people. A younger person who has been around the world must have picked lots of information and knowledge having been exposed to the great benefits of his greater interactions with people of diverse background and intelligence. Iron sharpens iron you know?
Do I need to dwell on Nigerian parents? They have this “I-know-it-all” attitude about everything you have to say and that is why they don’t improve. A day with them in their various localities will expose you to shocking revelations that cut them out as half-baked. No wonder the youth are not doing any better.
A saying in my Igbo language has it thus:
“When a lamb kneels under its mother, it gets to be suckled”
This says it all. Humility among animals, then why are we higher animals all arrogant with this spirit of entitlement denying us more blessings from both human and God our Creator?
A father who tells his children that because he owns the building he built and therefore owns both human (his children and wife) and inanimate objects inside the building deserves our prayer for God to deliver him from foolishness.
Give me humility and take away my ego oh Lord. Amen!
Aj’s Note: If our post pleased you, kindly share with friends and loved ones so they too will find comfort in the word of God. We will equally appreciate you drop your comment(s). Thanks and God bless you!

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