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Tithing – To Pay Or Not To Pay: A Testimony


Tithing – To Pay Or Not To Pay: A Testimony

admin November 12, 2017
To start with, you don’t have to pay tithe. If anything, you give it, you take it into the house of God as one tenth of all the produce of what you obtained from your land. It should not come in form of money as some of us have been led under the impression by the Nigerian heavyweights who have descended on OAP Freeze for having the audacity to say the truth based on the Scriptures.
One can obtain blessings from God by sowing seed of financial nature into the hands of Men and Women of God. One can equally receive blessings from above by giving to them in need. Tithing on the other hand is something of personal conviction. You decide when and how to give it. It shouldn’t be by force with a ring of curse attached to it.
Ever since the poor choice of words broke in the world of tithing as a payment to the church through General Overseers and what have you, I have decided to keep my cool, but a lot of spurious lies have come trending and more people are simply getting more confused, hence I decided to share this testimony from my father that took place over nine years ago.
My father travelled some kilometers from his base for our hometown. His reason for embarking on this journey was to pay his tithe. Unfortunately, he didn’t meet my sister who was at home teaching practice to help him do the needful. He then left the morning where he felt it should be safe and called my sister with this information. At night that same day, armed robbers invaded our house and made away with my sister’s laptop and ransacked the room where my father had kept his thousands of naira worth of tithe. These sons of gun didn’t and couldn’t find the money – like they came out of pre-knowledge – despite their best effort. They left. The money remained right under their noses but God chose to hide the money from them.
Years later, these armed robber were rounded up and there has been peace ever since.
What I’m driving at is that God still uses what you give Him to drive away our devourers. My sister has long been provided for and has bought a new and better laptop.
Make up your mind to give to God and not see it as paying tithe to Men of God. I know some people who give anonymously to the things of God. They reap more than them who make loud donations in churches. Since they have received their reward publicly from the clap-offering that should have been given to God alone, remember that God dislikes sharing His glory with anyone, it wouldn’t stop them from being rich, but God knows how He executes these rewards to suit His purpose.
Read 2 Corinthians 9:7
Aj’s Note: If our post pleased you, kindly share with friends and loved ones so they too will find comfort in the word of God. We will equally appreciate you drop your comment(s). Thanks and God bless you!

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