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What Could Cause The Mistakes Of Your Enemies To Bless You With Divine Opportunity To Overtake Them


What Could Cause The Mistakes Of Your Enemies To Bless You With Divine Opportunity To Overtake Them

admin November 2, 2017
When God is involved in how the affairs of your life is governed, whatever your enemies do believing they have done you in on your destiny is actually a big break for you on the horizon. Be calm, as they are being used to fulfill God’s will for your life. Being calm here doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pray to God to fight in your battle(s) for you as going home to cry over your issues and life challenges will embolden your enemies to totally destroy you.
Escalate your enemies’ darts at you through prayers so they too will face their own music from God who shelters all.
As no knowledge is a waste, same goes for every challenge and the experience it garners under your life’s belt.
It does not mean you will become richer than your enemies but in the things spiritual, you will become a giant and they will no longer trouble you because of the grace of God which lives in you and surrounds you always. Remember that the spiritual controls the physical. When your enemies will evil into your life and God permits it, you become like a toad someone kicked for being in the way early in the morning, whereas the person has ended up giving the toad a divine lift the poor toad couldn’t have given itself. The pain inflicted on the toad is same with the experience your enemies’ shenanigans bear on you, but think of the future, what your challenge offers you in the corridors of experience cannot be quantified financially.
If you are here and reading this and in your life, someone is playing God, rejoice and make merry for God is about to lift you above and beyond the wickedness of your enemies. Say to your challenge, “Peace, be still!” Mark 4: 35-41
Nothing takes God by surprise. Whatever you are going through is to your own advantage if you will have the presence of mind to factor God into such issue and in the end, you will have cause to smile and dance to the Lord Almighty.
Read Genesis 38 for further studies and understanding.
I wish you well!
Aj’s Note: If our post pleased you, kindly share with friends and loved ones so they too will find comfort in the word of God.

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