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What Manner Of God Is This! He Permitted My Brother’s Colleague To Die On His Behalf

Painful Life Experiences

What Manner Of God Is This! He Permitted My Brother’s Colleague To Die On His Behalf

admin November 6, 2017

I’m really sorry if I sound silly in this testimony I’m about to share with you. But I want you to know that God is still in the business of working with all the cards close to His chest. Isn’t that as mysterious as it can be? I feel for the family of the guy that died in my brother’s place. Honestly, I do!
The fact is that we lost our father after the birth of my only brother. Our mother wouldn’t accept to be traded off to my father’s younger brother as his second wife. According to her, she’s contented with the number of children God permitted her with her husband before God decided to call my father home through typhoid fever illness.
My late father was a truck driver and used the Nigerian roads from the East to the North conveying peoples’ goods from both ends. That way, we lived well, but he worked hard he forgot to take his health seriously until it was so late in the day that an ordinary sickness of such type could snatch him away from us. I still regret such careless death as I still see it.
I grew up in the company of my only brother and mum who went into petty trade to make ends meet. After secondary school education, my baby brother got a break from a former colleague of our late father who decided to have him join the family business of trucking. Life became a lot easier when we all bring in our individual sweat together to make life a bit cool. Living in Nigeria is already a hellish experience, but God has been helpful to us hence, we have been able to pull by.
And so as my brother shared with us at home one fateful night he came home panting and listless how God saved his from imminent death and gave up his colleague to die in his place. Shocking! How did that happen?
So it happened that while on their way back to the East from the North, one of the rear tyres got ruptured and needed to be changed. My brother got down to it and suffered through the patience it takes to unscrew those huge screws, bring out the heavy tyre and repeat with a good one. When he was about attaching the good one, his fellow conductor, as they are usually two and a driver, though my brother was the junior conductor, decided to help my brother as according to him, he had worked really hard and deserved a break. My brother then moved to the other side of the truck to urinate and the next thing he heard was a burst tyre hitting their truck, by the time he got back to the other side of his truck alongside his driver who was taking a nap, they met an ugly sight of the senior conductor sprawled on the road torn through by the burst tyre of another truck that lost a wheel.
I’m still in shock! What manner of God is this! I never knew He is capable of such. I still pray for the repose of the dead senior conductor! May his soul rest in peace! Amen!
Aj’s Note: If our post pleased you, kindly share with friends and loved ones so they too will find comfort in the word of God. We will equally appreciate you drop your comment(s). Thanks and God bless you!

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