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Why You Do Not Have To Fake Perfection In Life


Why You Do Not Have To Fake Perfection In Life

admin November 22, 2017

There is this beautiful lesson as found in a saying of my people that believes that only a stranger can be deceived about one’s shortcomings as a familiar person knows much about you already and you can’t afford to pretend you are a perfect human being before this person that knows you too well.

These days, people on social media pretend they are some perfect humans without imperfections in their lives. Even the Bible says that all have sinned and have come short to the glory of God, yet someone would want the world to believe he/she is simply perfect. What a white lie! Social media life of perfection is for them who do not know us and our faults.
We all live by God’s grace. Even the glint of righteousness in you is said to be like a filthy rag before God who is the one true and righteous judge.
When you live a life of perfection, you have invariably decided to mount too much pressure on yourself and sooner than later, the grace of God that has been sheltering you will be taken away and the entire world will become aware of whom you truly are. Have you not heard about the story of a lady who lied about what she had for breakfast only for her to suddenly take ill and vomited something different from the fast food she lied with? Trust lost! Respect for her gone with the winds! Whose fault is it? Fake lifestyle did her in.
I want you to know that you are born to make mistakes. It is from your mistakes that you gain on experience which is known as the learning process. From this diversified learning process, you get to secure your greatness.
All pretenders are arrogant people and God has no love for arrogant people, except for the humble. But the fact that you are humble does not mean you live a life of unbridled passion for sin and dare anyone to challenge you not to access the grace of God. Remember what happens when you over-withdraw from your account. You end up in debt. Do not stretch your GRACE account with God as too much of everything is bad.
Therefore, do not pretend to be a perfect person as only God is perfect.

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