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Another Reason ‘They’ Hate You

Painful Life Experiences

Another Reason ‘They’ Hate You

admin December 20, 2017
I just stumbled on this new one which got me take a double-take on the level of low some people are hanging on so desperately.
Now, these haters wouldn’t want to reciprocate the love you shower on them. They are simply toxic and wouldn’t accept you amount to anything in their lives. But as soon as they realize there are other people who show you LOVE in RETURN, their anger boil over like it can cook a tuber of yam. In their minds, they always lie to themselves that without them giving you their love that you will go bonkers, depressed and about to die, but I have good news for you today. I want you to know that there is a perfect God who is great at raising better social and spiritual deals for them that put their trust in Him by making Him their All-in-All!
Trust me! Once you love God, He’ll raise great helpers and friends for you and you’ll end up with a RICH LIFE!
Don’t fear your haters but instead, fear God. That’s all that matters.


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