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Can You Imagine This! A Killer Goes For Divine Healing And Got The Shock Of His Life

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Can You Imagine This! A Killer Goes For Divine Healing And Got The Shock Of His Life

admin December 13, 2017
Preposterous! Shocking! There is nothing one wouldn’t get to see and hear these days of irreverence.
There is this well-known native doctor whose specialty is laying waste to young and prospering lives of the brightest in their community. In addition, he goes about burying fetish materials that when stepped on lead to strange ailment bedeviling the victims until they die in great torment and agony. It so happened that he tried a praying child of God and the pit he dug for this child of God became his in divine retaliatory move.
When he couldn’t fathom what had hit him, he went about to the houses of fellow witch doctors that are more powerful than him, but unfortunately for him, they gave him same verdict. “The person you ambushed supernaturally is greater than you. Only the church is the place you’ll find healing.”
Then there was a Crusade going on in the Anglican Church near his home – a church he has been battling the priests for years – to seek this healing that causes him to limp in pains in his legs. When the preacher had called out people who are sick to come out for deliverance prayers, this evil man to the chagrin of all came out and joined rightly frightened members of the church community.
To the glory of God, God revealed this evil man’s evil deeds to the preacher who spoke at length against this man’s bad deeds and audaciously asked him to go back to his seat lest God’s wrath come upon him. The preacher equally added that his affliction will remain with him for a long time until he was willing to give his life to Christ and confess his many evils committed against fellow human beings.
He obliged the man of God! Such a shame! Such daring-do!

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