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Every Question Has An Answer – My Father In-law Is A Pain Where The Sun Doesn’t Shine!

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Every Question Has An Answer – My Father In-law Is A Pain Where The Sun Doesn’t Shine!

admin December 22, 2017
Aj, I want to bring this to your enlightened mind and matter-of-fact manner with which you attend to issues of life.
Early this month, my father in-law suddenly took ill. As my husband wasn’t at home at the time of his indisposition, I called him on phone to see if there is someone that would drive him down to the hospital.
When my husband eventually got me a driver to drive us down to the family hospital, my unconscious father in-law regained consciousness and started accusing me of being the cause of his ill health. He didn’t state how I ended up the source of his great discomfort but it really bothers me as I know that very soon, he’ll share such toxicity about him with all his children who will definitely believe him as they all took after him in fomenting trouble for all in our community. They have beaten me up twice over such lies contrived by their father. This is a man that would reject meals prepared him for less nutritious meals just so he could let the world know it is his son that provides for him and make me break down physically and emotionally. His meanness usually gets worse whenever I’m pregnant like I am now. Phew!
What do you advice I do about this? I have suggested to my husband the need for us to move out but he can’t hear of it as I’m the only person capable of seeing to the needs of such a brutally unfriendly being. I have two children and I contemplate going back to my parents’ home. I am tired and don’t want to die young!
My husband is in Lagos on business trip while we live in our hometown near Onitsha. And my father in-law is a widower and in his late seventies. I got married into this family few months after the death of my mother in-law.
I want you to know that caring for old people is emotionally tasking ans draining most especially when such an old person is this difficult. he is bitter as a result of having lost his wife and everything he’s doing is geared towards betraying his anger to younger people around him. It is a great burden to live with a frustrated human being irrespective of such a person’s age.
But on the other hand, I want you to continue to impress it on your husband to see the need to do the needful before you lose it. You need to be separated from your toxic father in-law is what I’m saying. Pray more too!

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