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How To Rid Yourself Of That Annoying Mindset Spirit Of Selfishness Leaves In You


How To Rid Yourself Of That Annoying Mindset Spirit Of Selfishness Leaves In You

admin December 12, 2017
This wouldn’t be the first time I will be writing on selfishness and the spirit that governs it. But there is a twist to the topic under focus here. I’m talking about the bad spirit that makes you toughen your mind or heart against someone that needs your help for reasons best known to you. This reason could be because you wouldn’t want such a person to begin to see you as weak and exploitable, therefore, you say no. But when you are alone, the spirit of God will descend on you to correct you to do the needful by the person seeking your help.
This leaves you empty whenever you hurt someone by not giving a flying care if they are hurting or not as a result of the shabby treatment meted out to them, but when you think about it, you start hurting. You then do your best to let the world know or believe you are not hurting, whereas you have been injured because you care so much. That’s you being retaliatory.
In this life, if you are called to help people out of their individual needs and you refuse to as a result of this gnawing spirit of selfishness that wants to cut you out as a tough nail perhaps because you have been hurt over time by them you have offered help, you know you’ll suffer for your disobedience, and then again, you do not want to continue to suffer such pain from your conscience, there is little you are expected to do.
·         Keep on caring and expect nothing in return from them you offered such help. Do not give room to that sense of ENTITLEMENT that allows you play God in their lives. Only God knows how to reward you for helping Him touch lives. Simply take it that there are rewards for them who fulfill God’s mind in the lives of others knowing there is no way God would’ve come down to carry out those responsibilities by them who sought His help.


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