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My Husband Is A Social Animal, But Wants To Turn Me Into A Hermitess – Wife Cries Out

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My Husband Is A Social Animal, But Wants To Turn Me Into A Hermitess – Wife Cries Out

admin December 4, 2017
I wouldn’t want to take your time on this Aj. Life has been good to me. I have been a top socialite before I met my husband on the Island where I went one night to take a solitary sip from my favorite Stout.
I had insisted on having this table all to myself at the VIP lounge, I had drowned a few bottles and was getting tipsy when a rich voice of baritone hue broke through my reverie and got me wet instantly. He needed to join me. I didn’t bother to find out exactly what he looked like before I waved him to the only seat in front of me. He is a beautiful masculinity in full display. His eyes were a bit soft for a man with such commanding masculinity. Those eyes have held me captive since then.
Yes! We had that raunchy sex even porn sites wouldn’t let you see. He got into me faster than I did into him. In less than six months, we took a dive in between matrimonial sheets and started making beautiful children. We have two sons and a daughter who happens to be the last. I wouldn’t want to lose my beautiful feminine contours as a result of Austin’s insistence that we tidy the number of our children at four as he loves even numbers. Sorry bloke! I do odd numbers! That was when Austin started using the oldest trick in the book to stop me from socializing anymore. Sit back at home and look after our lovely children. All that made the motherly instincts get to me as I wouldn’t want to hear any stories of abuse from house help of any sex. In over ten years, I am yet to go out to suck in some air from the balconies of my favorite hangouts. All the tabloids that I helped market their publications are on my neck to come to their help as I am a bridge of a socialite.
Austin wouldn’t accept to have our family pictures taken to the public domain of social media. I have taken this fuckery– if you’ll permit my French – up to my limit. I have fought with Austin enough and I’m ready for the last battle with him over this abuse. I am not an introvert or a hermitess. I can’t believe I accepted this for a decade. No way will I allow this cheating to go on. Enough is enough!
Better tell me how to go about this before the world jump to conclusions that I’m now a feminist with some killer-knife! Thanks!

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