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Shocking! How A Prayer Warrior Is Exposed And Punished For Her Hypocrisy

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Shocking! How A Prayer Warrior Is Exposed And Punished For Her Hypocrisy

admin December 10, 2017
There is something about Jesus’ manner of reproving all who reads the Bible to desist from the sin of hypocrisy. It irks Him to no end that He made mention of the plural word – hypocrites – three good times in Matthew Chapter 6 and continued in Chapter 7:5 and I quote,
“You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.”
Whatever we do to make others appear sinful makes us hypocrites before God and that is why hypocrisy disgusts God to no end. It amounts to taking His place in other peoples’ lives. Being sanctimonious, judgemental and refusing to acknowledge our sinfulness is the height of it.
And so it happened that this particular Prayer-warrior in our church during women’s fellowship on a fateful Thursday got her ultimate embarrassment meted out to her by God Almighty Himself.
In my church, we usually follow ACTS process of praying to God. This prayer-warrior had started her group’s prayer session with Appreciation. But instead of moving over to Confession of sins committed, she completely bypassed and neglected that. Rather than urging her fellows to confess their sins before thanksgiving and supplication, she moved on. At a point she delved into the kind of prayer that impresses most people in church today. This particular prayer is always geared to have our enemies meet their immediate death for their audaciousness in the corridors of life of sin. And so it happened that as she was praying against her enemies to die, that unbeknownst to her, she was her own worst enemy. That was how heaven decided to give answer to her request and she slumped and died immediately. It was said that she called out to certain deities to come to her rescue before she lost the use of her voice. In the presence of God!
Her prayer partners ran helter-skelter out of the church. The priest’s attention was sought for and the corpse was taken to the mortuary that same evening. Then in the night of that same fateful day, it was said that she moved other corpses in the morgue out of the mortuary to the great consternation of the mortuary attendants who had to call her family members to have her corpse behave or stand removed. A lot of sacrifices were said to have been offered to assuage her anger of dying when it wasn’t her time before she agreed to behave.
Until she was interred, her ghost kept on harassing her children and friends until they had to unearth her and rebury her after much corporate praying for deliverance from such bizarre show of powers of dark principalities. That was when stories of her sheer wickedness started making round. She was responsible for a lot of heinous crimes against humanity albeit committed supernaturally against many people ranging from those she had cast the spell of the sickness of elephantiasis, fruitless wombs for fertile wives, untimely deaths in her neighbourhood, tied destinies and many such sordid tales that sound odd and almost unbelievable.
That is how God helped the church got rid of one evil woman in her prime who was thought to be a prayer-warrior but was actually in Church to see that most peoples’ prayers remained unanswered. What liberation for all! Praise God!

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