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This Might Help Us On This Issue Of Tithing


This Might Help Us On This Issue Of Tithing

admin December 8, 2017
Tithing is not a practice that has to be forced on people, but for every child of God, you will have the grace of understanding and knowledge to see that the money-based tithing of today is needful in the running of God’s business.
Your priests will have to be paid partly out of the tithe you bring into the House of God. Every church has a book dedicated to giving help to them deserving of such. It is called Charity offering. Most of the time, most people don’t sow into this need of the church making the leaders of the church to use the proceeds from the tithe paid by others to dispense help to the needy.
Someone shared a scenario with me using Lazarus whose only prayer in his condition was to eat out of the pieces falling off the table of the Rich man. He did not invest in his own mansion in heaven. Then when he died, he was seen by Daddy Abraham loitering about. Remember that Jesus said that in His Father’s House, that there are many mansions there, and one can gain access into any of these promised mansions when he must have understood the need behind some of the things we are taught in church of which tithing is one. Tithing could well be your own way of securing for yourself use of one of the promised mansions in heaven when you eventually make heaven.
Lazarus was caught loitering by Abraham who asked him to dwell in his own mansion instead of loitering. Making heaven now is different from securing one’s own mansion in heaven.
The above is a scenario from the Bible and can help us see the need to keep tithing.


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