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Two Types Of Saints And Their Responsibilities


Two Types Of Saints And Their Responsibilities

admin December 18, 2017
Saints could be you and I when we are living this life with milk of kindness in us. It is through your works that a human being who is still alive is canonized a saint here on earth or after his life has ended. On the other hand, when a saint leaves this earth for heavenly abode, he/she could end up a saint even in heaven as what is being done here on earth is recognized and accepted by God in heaven.
In respect of this, there are two types of saints known to me from what I’ve read in the Bible.
1.       Saints Triumphant: Their responsibility is to worship God all day long as they have triumphed over sins and temptations and tribulations while here on earth. A visit to Revelation 7:9-17 will open your eyes to this awesome reward for them who live/lived right.
2.       Saints Militant: These are the saints whose major responsibility is to figure out where God’s children are undergoing sufferings to minister to them and to fight in their battles when they call upon God. They don’t ever shy away from any battle we table before God and don’t fear Satan and his human agents when they are in contention with any child of God. Read Esther 7.

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