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We First Become Foolish Before We Grow Wiser


We First Become Foolish Before We Grow Wiser

admin December 8, 2017
I seriously doubt this on the periphery of the assertive claim as found in the title of this article. Yes, from the face value of the title, one has every reason to be enervated by this assertion. I wouldn’t blame you if you saw it my way before my other way corrects you from the earlier wrong impression.
Life is lived well through experience(s). When someone that lacks knowledge of what he/she is saying discusses a particular issue, his/her ignorance comes to the fore for all to see. It gets worse for such a person when he refuses to be corrected and saved from perishing as a result.
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I once advised one of my sons to inculcate learning through observation of goings-on around him and he later came back to inform me he is getting wiser through his observations rather than having to experience the unsavory experiences other people had the misfortune of living through.
In everything we do in life, it is expected of us to acquire true knowledge of such area of human endeavour before we set forth. That is how we are set free from the clutches of ignorance that can lead us to perdition. That only happens when you remain unteachable.
Take a look at this scenario. A young man who has a priest as his friend was called by his priest and friend to pray to avert an impending challenge, but he waived such an advice for reasons best known to him. When this tragedy fell upon him, it was by the whiskers that he was delivered. It cost him so much. Then, when his priest and friend heard about his misfortune, he asked him if he didn’t obey God’s instruction, and he answered not in the affirmative. His priest became heartbroken and pleaded with him once more to do what was asked of him. He eventually carried out the divine directive given him and it has been much better for him. This life is filled with challenges and these same challenges work out good for us when we triumph over them. Don’t permit your present challenge to knock you out of the pilot seat of your life and destiny.
We first of all became outgrow our foolishness and accept wisdom when we have done struggling with ignorance.
Ignorance will not be your portion and lead you to untimely death in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen!

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