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Where To Read When Afraid!


Where To Read When Afraid!

admin December 24, 2017
Fear is one of those emotions that belittles us and exposes us to devil’s manipulative powers. I have said it before, yet it deserves to be repeated that only God deserves our fear. Once you fear God, all your fears will be taken care of by Him. He reserves the right and powers to battle head-on with what and who causes you to tremble in fear.
Fear is after all false evidence appearing real. Satan will plant some plausible matter on your mind and start to twist it until you cling on to him and his twisted mind for direction. Nay! You shouldn’t listen to him neither do you murmur against God and use it as a basis to deviate from trusting God alone to save you from all your fears.
Read Isaiah 41: 10-13 and Exodus 14: 10-14

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