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Why Do Our Children Feel They Know More Than Their Parents?

Child Upbringing

Why Do Our Children Feel They Know More Than Their Parents?

admin December 28, 2017
I’m no longer safe around teenage children these days. They make me feel like some antique object from the lost age. Whatever topic or issue I raise up is treated with so much over-confidence that bothers on disdain, but i know they love me. Though i ask myself if I have done anything wrong by sending my children to the best schools in Nigeria? My husband doesn’t come to my aid whenever these children take me up as the butt of their crude joke. There’s nothing these young adults don’t discuss to my hearing. From sex education – something I didn’t teach them – to spiritual matters. I fear they know too much. They are sixteen and eighteen – a boy and a girl who is already in the university.
I desire a reversal of this misfortune Aj before I die of ignorance. Loving my children still!
What a beautiful family time together! Your family rocks. God uses your children to show you off as the cement of your beautiful family. I tell you, you are an exalted woman. Keep up the good work madam!

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